2 May
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Give Day Tampa Bay

Give Day Tampa Bay is almost here and VCRC is working to help house our Vets and their families that are in need of secure and safe transitional housing.


Recently, VCRC has embarked on endeavor to provide homeless Veterans supported transitional housing in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. There is a critical need for a secure environment that helps homeless Veterans become as self-sufficient as possible and helps to transform their situation from despair to hope.


We have begun pursuit of this mission in earnest. Recently, VCRC acquired property in Plant City, Fla., that is a multiple-family unit nestled in a historic district. Our goal is to rehabilitate this property and make it suitable for single Veterans or those with families to live and add to the quality of the neighborhood. The structure is sound, but unfortunately, it will need a total rehab job on the inside.


This is the first step of a multi-phase project. Our goal is to raise $50,000.00 to rehab this structure and make it suitable for our Vets and their families in need of a safe and secure environment to transition.


There are many ways to get involved with this project and help make a change.  Please pitch in and help with the following to make this a successful project:


  1. 1. Donate today on or;
  2. 2. Volunteer by signing up here
  3. 3. Donate goods or services that can be utilized to complete this project (building materials, manpower, resources).


Please help us give our local Veterans and their families a place to call home. Thank you for your help!


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Online (Give Day Tampa Bay)


2 May


12:05 AM